Swept Away

Hello there; my name is

I am both the model and photographer for all of my content. Everything you’ll find here is done by yours truly. That’s right; no outside help!


First off, welcome to my site. I’ve created this as a safe haven for my content. If you’re familiar with my photography then you already know I am a creative soul. You see, I enjoy doing things my own way. I’m constantly inspired by the world around me. And, whenever I see something I enjoy, my first thought is always How can I learn to do/make that too?


I’ve been doing photography for years now, and self photography for over 8. Over the years my confidence has grown to the point I love the skin I’m in.


Humans are beautiful creatures with all of their bumps, blemishes, scars and imperfections. So, this is why I do not wear any makeup or do any touch-up/beauty editing on my photos. However, I do make minor edits on color/contrast/exposure.


With every click of the camera I get a better understanding of my body and who I am. With every different angle an entire perspective is changed- my own included. Photography gives me an opportunity to explore the many sides of myself. You see, I enjoy dressing up as much as I do getting dirty. I love both bright colors and the morbidly dark. Playful, sassy, elegant, alternative- I express myself through my work.


Your feedback motivates me to keep doing what I love. Most importantly, you inspire me to try new things and express myself openly. Whether it be through clicks, comments or or financial contributions- I appreciate your time.

🖤 Miss River 🖤

I do NOT do any XXX or explicit content. Strictly pin-up/boudoir. No porn or X rated content!

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