Hello there; my name is River. 

I am both the model and photographer for all of my content.

Everything you’ll find here is done by yours truly That’s right- no outside help!

Humans are beautiful creatures with all of their bumps, blemishes, scars and imperfections.

This is why I do not wear any makeup, or do any touch-up/beauty editing on my photos. (Only edits to color, contrast etc.)

With every click of the camera I get a better understanding of my body and who I am. With a shift of an angle the entire perspective is changed- mine included.

This allows me to explore the many sides of myself. You see, I enjoy dressing up as much as I do getting dirty. I love both bright colors and the morbidly dark. Playful, sassy, elegant, alternative- I express myself through my work.

It was the contributions of my Patreons that paid for my new camera and tripod.

It was the purchase of photosets on BentBox that paid for outfits, props, and lighting equipment.

It was the generous donations of sponsors that paid for this website.

But most of all it is thanks to you. Yes; you. Thank you for your interest in my work. It’s you that makes this possible. Whether it be through clicks, comments or or financial contributions- I appreciate your time.

So please, enjoy my work.
I know I do.
<3 Miss River