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I’m a one-woman show which means I do this all by myself. From coming up with concepts, set up, taking the photos, coming up with poses, posting…. I do it all. I even designed this website. Why? Well, because I enjoy putting my creativity to work. 

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Is a subscription not your style? Well then I’ve got you covered! My primary passion is pin-up self-photography and these photos I sell in sets. 

With my many sides I like to play around with new outfits, props, themes , styles and more! Playfully innocent, raw and unfiltered, gritty with attitude, dolled up in lace- I don’t discriminate with style. If one of my sets isn’t your taste just scroll a little further and you may be surprised! 

I offer custom, private sets for purchase. You are able to request an outfit- within reason. (Sorry, no full body latex unless you foot the bill, lol!) You’re also able to request color themes or certain accessories (ex: heels, fishnets.) I do NOT post these sets for the public- you are sent the only copy.

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