Swept Away

About me:

I do this for fun!

I take my own photos because I LOVE photography!  It’s something that keeps me on my toes. There’s always something new I want to try. 

You see, I want to play around with my photography projects. (There’s a fun one involving blacklight and a shower…) In order to do that I needed a safe place to let my creative juices flow.  

My hope is to be able to produce pin-up photo-sets on a regular basis. I’d love to get more creative with my outfits, settings and themes. I want to branch out to doing sets that capture all the different sides of me. 

When I dress up for a set I get to show a different part of me. From cute, innocent and playful to the more mature and teasing- I feel alive while I’m modeling. There’s a special connection that comes from watching my body move; the way an angle can change everything. I get to see my curves in action. 

My photos do NOT contain graphic nudity, pornography or XXX content. This is because I do photography for fun, and what I enjoy is being a playful tease. I’m just your girl next door who enjoys to show off. 

Your support motivates me!

I put a lot of time into my photography, especially when you consider I take all of my own photos. While I do this because I love it; it seems a waste to keep the photos all to myself. 😉

I appreciate your support and interest in my work because it motivates me to keep going. I’m inspired to try new things and let my playful side shine. I’m proud of the skin I’m in and work ward to maintain my figure. The fact you enjoy my content? That fuels my fire. 

I want to branch out to more elaborate themes, outfits and shooting styles. This is where those who support me financially come in. With their help I am able to get the equipment I need to achieve my goals. 

Regardless of whether you support me with likes, comments, shares, purchases or funding- I appreciate YOU!