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Like most remotely interesting people I am multifaceted. There’s more to me than what one photo can capture. 


I’m very tomboy in my behavior and way of life. I enjoy comfy, athletic clothes that I can be active in. I don’t take myself too seriously and love to get dirty. I’m adventurous and enjoy trying new things. 


There’s a side to me that’s softer, more innocent and playful. I enjoy fun colors, fluffy socks and am full of silly energy. I am not afraid to make a fool of myself and am a smiley little goofball. 


I have a more mature side; one that enjoys to dress up. Slipping into hosiery, lingerie and heels gives me a rush. I try to include a sense of grace to the way I tease. This more sensual side of me enjoys to show off. It is my Domme side, in which I enjoy capturing my power at play. It’s intoxicating to command attention with my curves. 


And then there is my more somber side. This part of me likes to take more artistic and striking photos. This side of my really enjoys to do glassy eyed, doll-like photos. The whole deer-in-the-headlights makes for some interesting sets.


There’s more, but for now that’ll have to do. 

When it comes to art- I am a jack of all trades. 


I’m a creative soul who loves to have her hands busy and mind working. There’s something so satisfying about learning new artistic skills and techniques. When I see something I want to try, I research it and then get to work. 


I enjoy wire wrapping, sketching, coloring, cardboard cutting, pastels, knitting, crocheting, sewing, beading, braiding, glass etching. . . it goes on and on! My go-to for stress relief is sketching out some lettering. 


I designed this website, my logo and everything you’ll find here! That’s something I’ll always be proud of- putting in the work to accomplish my goals. 

I have been writing for as long as I can remember. It’s a big part of my life. I used to publish poems, stories and non-fiction books online. In fact, I’m currently in the final editing stage before I can put one of my more successful books up for sale. (Over 47mil reads; it surprises even me!)


I may branch out and include a section on this site to share some of my work. I, admittedly, have fun with literotica. It’s one of those fun little secrets about me. Heh. 


Primarily I enjoy writing fantasy, adventure, sci-fi and the like. Character creation and development are my specialties. Dialogue is another one of my primary focuses, and something I am constantly going over in my head. 

If you couldn’t tell by my tattoos: video games are important to me. It started when I was a kid, on an old PC with floppy disk games. Gizmos and Gadgets was my go-to; it required critical thinking and creative problem solving. As a kid I was enthralled by being able to control the outcome.


I only got to play console games when I was over at friends houses. Those were the ones that sealed the deal with my game obsession-  I loved getting invested in the stories being told and feeling like I was a part of something bigger. Being able to hand the controller off and watch someone take a crack at it brought a sense of community. It wasn’t a single player endeavor anymore!


The first console I had was a PS1 and it was shared between me and my 5 siblings. Oh, and my father! We used to gather around the tv and play Duke Nukem with each other. There’s something so very satisfying about blowing your father up with a bazooka! Heh 


I transitioned back to PC as a teenager. This opened up my world to MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role-playing game, or MMO for short.) I got sucked into this world hardcore! It got to a point I was on-call for quests, raids and rescue missions. You see, I was the highest-ranked healer in the number 1 guild on the server. Although I played every single class; Healers are my go-to for MMOs. It goes back to my critical thinking roots and the challenge of resource management. It’s a class that requires you to balance mana usage, other’s health bars, status effects, your character’s placement… everything. Can you say micromanagement?! It also forced me to be more social. It’s a rough class to play for soloing (although I pride myself in my solo-healer abilities) and makes you valuable in groups.


Because of this I met a bunch of awesome people, both online and in person. They are friendships I still have to this very day!


After getting addicted to MMOs I decided to switch to single-player games. I primarily play RPGs (role-playing games) because of the in-depth story lines. My imagination was able to go free. The best part was being able to set it down and come back to it. When I reached a tough quest I could get some air and come at it with a fresh perspective. It taught me so much about problem solving, character building and the importance of details. 


I dabbled in Magic The Gathering for a while, both with cards and on console. I enjoy deck building games and other card games as well. 


There’s so much more I could ramble on about, but instead I’ll just list off some of the games I enjoy, in no particular order. 


Astroneer, Crash Bandicoot, Dragon Age, Dragon’s Dogma, Divinity II, Fable, FFXV, Kingdoms of Amalur, Neverwinter, Oblivion, Outer Worlds, Ratchet & Clank, Red Alert, Resonance of Fate, The Sims

When it comes to music it’s tricky to know where to start. I enjoy rap, hip hop, rock, alternative… it really does depend on my mood. Other than country, screamo and slow songs I enjoy all genres. 


When it comes to music I tend to lean towards the upbeat while I’m cleaning working out and being active. A couple of go-to names would be Ashnikko, bbno$, DaniLeigh, Scroobius Pip, Snow Tha Product, SonReal, Tiny Meat Gang, Tessa Violet, Mystikal and Qveen Herby. 


Click HERE for a youtube playlist with some of my recent faves!


I should say, I have nine tattoos so far. 😉 I have many more in the works. No piercings, other than the basic lobe. 


Three of my tattoos are video-game related.

  • The first is most obvious- a corded Xbox360 controller on my thigh. That’s part of a planned piece involving more corded controllers. It’s an ode to the first controllers I used. 
  • Between my shoulder blades I have a rendition of the symbol for the Inquisition, from the game Dragon Age. The Inquisition was a group that formed to defend the people from threats, regardless of their political standings. They were a successful example of organized vigilantism. 
  • On my thigh I have a large Mass Effect piece. It’s something I drew up based upon symbols from the game that held meaning to me. If you don’t know the series this won’t mean much to you, but I combined the N7, Spectre and Paragon logos. The series meant a lot to me when it came to story building and character development.  


I have two fictional characters on my body. 

  • I have a rendition of the Joker, from Batman, on my stomach. He’s a combination of comic and graphic novel versions. I got it back in 2011 or so! I’ve been a Joker fan since I was young. You see, he isn’t just super villain but an anti-hero. He’s not driven by greed, lust or a grab at power. His character was one I loved to hate and couldn’t help but root for. 
  • On my thigh is Frankenstein from a manhwa (graphic novel style manga,) called Noblesse. It’s my favorite graphic novel, ever. Frankenstein’s character is eccentric, well-spoken, respectful and forgiving. He is a brilliant human scientist who learned his studies were being used for a terrible purpose. In order to stop this from happening he sacrificed his soul, taking possession of the weapon they’d created; the Dark Spear. Blahblah, it’s a great read. You can see him holding this weapon on my thigh- my tattoo is based off of a drawing I did of him! 

I have a skull and bone hand on my thigh. These are done by the same kick-ass tattoo artist who did my ME and DA tattoos! They combine my love for the morbid and the colorful. 

I also have a barcode on my hip. It reads “CH3Ck M3 0UT.” When I got it, it was an ode to how we are all just “pieces of meat.” I’d intended to get a tattoo on my thigh that had a sort of tongue-in-cheek “nutrition facts label to go with it. My mind changed and I plan to get the bar-code covered up, as it has become illegible with age. 

My final, and first, tattoo is an embellished letter Q behind my ear. I have always loved lettering and drew it up myself. I’d wanted to get it for a long time. The primary reason was because I grew up loving scrabble and winning with Q words was a common occurrence. Throw that in with me always questioning everything and, well, I have the Q ready to go behind my ear. 

I don’t have some exotic, crazy lifestyle! 


I live a laid-back life with my partner and our two cats, Lovely and Studly. 

My long-term partner, Nick, is responsible for bringing me out of my shell. He helped me become not only comfortable with my body, but proud of it! Every step of this journey he has been there to encourage and support my decisions.


When it comes to his involvement with my photography- he primarily offers morale support. On occasion he will play assistant and help with the equipment. He doesn’t take any of my photos. He doesn’t have any involvement with the arrangement of sets or picking what gets posted. More often than not; he doesn’t see my photos until they are publicly posted! He is the mastermind behind the MiniTruck featured in my photos. 


We are both quite obsessed with our cats. They are extremely social, vocal and friendly. If anything, they are more like dogs than cats! My female one is a calico who gives me a run for my money when it comes to cuteness. Like me she’s short and sturdy. Heh. ;P My black cat, Studly, is my main man. He’s a sleek, sexy black cat that enjoys joining me in my photos. Every chance he gets he is crawling, rubbing or jumping all over me. Sometimes it’s like he just can’t get enough of me! I adore my needy boy.  


I like to create my own fun. Imagination is a powerful thing and I use mine constantly. 

My main goal is to improve upon my photography. This comes through time and practice, so this is one that’ll never come to an end! In order to do so there are a few goals I have to accomplish that will make this journey more enjoyable. 


  1. I need to purchase better equipment. Because I take my photos myself, this includes tripods and a smart-clicker. I’ll also need lighting and other such accessories. Ideally I want to be able to create a mobile set! This way the quality of my photos will improve along with me. When it comes to these purchases I space them out- no need to rush and overwhelm myself. 
  2. A personal goal that has effected my modeling is my teeth. When I was young I had body issues. I was bulimic for years and when you pair that with no dental care, well, you wind up like I did. I’ve put a lot of money into slowly getting them fixed. It’s an expensive endeavor. Once I get my smile back I know my photography will be so much better. 
  3. After I have a decent travel-studio set up I’d like to branch out to doing travel shoots. This would allow for me to do more creative, themed shoots. My plan is to find interesting AirBNB rentals for shoots. Cost effective and will allow for me to get out and about a bit more. This will in turn give me more opportunity to to outdoor shoots in fun locations. Win win!
  4. A personal, non-photography goal would be to finish editing the book I have. Then I can focus on finishing up on writing a passion project I’ve been doing. A work I can be proud of!

Do you want to know more about me? Well, the easiest way would be to send me a message! I’m real, fairly friendly and enjoy hearing from people who are interested in my work.


I will warn you; I may be slow to reply. This is because I only check messages when I’m able to dedicate time to it. I like to pay attention to the conversations I’m having. I’m shite at small talk but adore discussing a wide variety of topics. Asking a question is always a good way to get conversation flowing! 


I’m a real person- just like you. Scroll down a smidge and you’ll see where I can be reached. <3